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Are Chair Lifts Only for Old People

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Do you have a multi-story home that necessitates your family to climb flights of stairs each day?  Has anyone ever brought up the idea of installing a lift especially to help more elder members of the family only for the decision to be put off? If this is the case, being a chair lift Singapore supplier, we won’t tell you 2 things:

  • Chair lifts are a great alternative to full lift installation, requiring less space and cost
  • It is not only for old people or for those who are wheelchair-bound

In fact, chair lifts are great for helping those that struggle with general mobility or who are at risk of severe injury should they trip and fall on stairs. This is because it safely and securely transports users up or down a flight of stairs without requiring a significant financial investment.


Myth -chair lifts are just for older people

As I’m certain you have discovered, discomfort and mobility problems can influence anybody at any moment. A stair lift supplies accessibility at a time when mobility is needed and restores accessibility to the entire home, and the outdoors.

Who is a candidate for a chair lift?

One of the most essential ideas for purchasing a stairlift involves who is a good prospect for one. People with mobility issues who have troubles climbing upstairs (but who are otherwise mobile and can easily navigate walking) may need a stairlift to age in position securely and effortlessly.

The person who is wheelchair confined, requiring a lift to relocate from one area to the next, will require a vertical platform lift or angled platform lift for mobility in the house.

What is the procedure from chairlift purchase to set up?

Initially, the state-accredited stairlift installer will call you to set up a cost-free in-home visit to examine the stairs and offer item information and rates. Once a stairlift has been selected, the equipment will be gotten (if the installer does not have it in stock). Installation, training on utilizing the lift, and final evaluation all finish up the process from stairlift purchase to set up.

It is useful when shopping for a stairlift, to study makers and models. Whether you are purchasing a straight stair lift for a straight stairway, or a customized made rounded stairlift for stairs with flat levels, stairlift quality, capability, warranties, and trustworthiness rankings differ from design to version.

You ought to budget anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 to buy a brand-new stairlift if your residence has a straight staircase with about 12-14 steps. The typical price normally winds up in the mean of this range, between about $3,000 and $4,000. These costs include set up as well as a one-year service warranty.