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Delicious tasting chocolate GNC mass gainer supplements to include in your routine

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A lot of people, especially those who have just started with their fitness journey gets confused whether they should have whey protein or weight / mass gainer powder. If you are a tough gainer with high metabolism and find it difficult to gain weight or muscle mass, then adding a high quality mass gainer in your routine will be greatly beneficial. Gainers have the right balance of nutrients including carbohydrates, protein, fat, and essential vitamins and minerals in it which will help you increase your overall body weight and muscle mass.

Difference between Weight and Mass Gainers

The only difference between weight and mass gainers are the proportion of carbohydrates and proteins present in them.

  • Weight Gainers:

When you intend to gain overall body weight then you need lot of carbohydrates as well as substantial amount of protein in the supplement to help you gain healthy weight. It is especially suited for people who have high BMR and have difficulty in putting on weight

  • Mass Gainers:

When you intend to gain muscle mass and size especially when you are working out on increasing substantial muscle growth then you need a balanced carbohydrates and protein in the supplements. These supplements are also termed as Bulk Gainers and are especially suited for people doing intense body building.

 If you’re looking for an affordable and effective gainer supplement, then GNC weight and mass gainers are perfect for you. It provides extra calories that supports overall weight gain and also help you to start building lean muscles. Carbohydrates are necessary in the initial stage of muscle building thus it add on the benefit in gaining muscles. Some of the main benefits of weight and mass gainers include –

  1. They are is rich in carbohydrates
  2. They provides all the required calories
  3. Has a good amount of fiber content
  4. Provides high quality whey protein
  5. Helps you stay lean even when you’re gaining muscle mass

Check out these top selling chocolate GNC weight and mass gainer supplements for gaining weight and muscles in a healthy way.

1.GNC AMP Amplified Mass XXX

GNC Amp Amplified Mass XXX Powder is an excellent choice when it comes to premium quality mass gainer supplement that delivers amazing results. The chocolate variant is a favorite of many. You can even add it to various breakfast and dessert recipes to get the goodness of nutrients and no extra sugar or guilt.

It is the ultimate lean mass gainer and is specially engineered with ingredients that are aimed to help increase lean muscle mass, weight, performance, and strength. Each serving of 4 scoops provides 748 Kcal, 50 grams protein, 10 grams BCAAs, 125 grams carbohydrates, and 3 grams creatine. Some highlights of this GNC weight gainer powder are it is gluten free, sugar free, and free from any harmful banned chemicals.

2.GNC Beyond Raw Re-Build Mass XP

Next on the list of best tasting chocolate GNC mass gainers is the premium quality GNC Beyond Raw Re-Build Mass XP. It is hyper-anabolic mass gainer and is enriched with the goodness of scientifically proven ingredients that are known to improve performance, build muscle size and mass, and improve overall strength. It also features a complex carbohydrate blend that is ideal to fuel high intensity workouts.

Each serving of 3 scoops of this GNC mass gainer powder provides 880 calories, 140 grams carbohydrates, 60 grams protein, and 16 grams BCAAs. Some of the main benefits are that itis a high quality anabolic fuel, it maximizes muscle support, and provides high amounts of macros such as protein and carbohydrates for best results. The chocolate variant is indeed a treat, as it mixes instantly and tastes super delicious.

3.GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer

GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer is one of the top selling weight gainer supplements in India. If your fitness goal is to bulk up then adding extra calories will play an important role. This particular GNC weight gainer not only provides extra calories, but it is also rich in protein and carbohydrates. Each serving of 4 scoops provides 2200 Kcal, 73 grams protein, and 4.5 grams fat when you consume it with milk, it can also be taken with water. It is a rich source of essential amino acids and fiber. You can blend it with frozen yogurt or milk and fruits to make a delicious smoothie.

Dark chocolate and double chocolate are the two chocolate variants that you can choose from. It is ideal for people who want to add weight and muscle mass without adding extra fat to their body. The BCAAs present in the formula help reduce muscle breakdown during exercising. It is enriched with digestive enzymes for better digestion and quick absorption in the body. The naturally occurring arginine helps to fuel muscle cells and supports cardiovascular health.

4.GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340

GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340 is a mass gainer for specific needs. If you need to bulk up and gain lean muscle mass, this would be the perfect choice for you. It provides high quality protein in each serving that helps you increase size and gain muscle mass.

It is a calorie dense supplement which provides 1340 calories and 50 g protein in each serving of 4 scoops. The main benefits are –it is a fast absorbing formula, it supports muscle energy, growth, and recovery,  it is enriched with 11 g BCAAs for post workout muscle recovery, and creatine present in it helps your muscles produce more energy to power through intense workouts. It is ideal for bodybuilders, weight lifters, athletes, and those who want to improve their muscle mass and strength. The chocolate flavor is a favorite of many. It is tested against banned substances and is one of the bestselling GNC mass gainer formulas.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor before including any new weight gainer powder in your diet. Make sure to also talk to your trainer and dietician to find out the best GNC mass gainer supplement for your fitness goals. You can buy all these mass gainers directly from the GNC India official website –

With GNC you get the promise of quality and when you buy from the website you can be assured that you’ll get 100% authentic and genuine products delivered right at your doorstep while maintaining all safety protocols.